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Reference LECH

We compared the Sherpa with other fanguns from mayor manufactureres by measurement at the teststand. The Sherpa performed extraordinary and was and is up to now the best at marginal temperatures. The super results made us buy 5 Sherpas at once. When we will expand our snow making systems, we will buy some more Sherpas for sure.

LECH/ARLBERG, Manhart Michael

Reference PLANICA

With help of this snow makers we successfully produce snow for all ski jumping hills in all weather conditions and we are always excellent prepared for the world cup ski jumping finals. Snow making capacity, snow quality, and efficiency are outstanding all the time. Light weight of Krpan snow makers is one of the biggest advantages for snow making in Planica.

All the time we use this snow makers with out of any problems and we recommend KRS service, as they are professional, reliable and precise company.

PLANICA, Primoz Finzgar