First prototype with 1.5 kW compressor and 3 kW fan made by the Krajnc family.
(in Črna na Koroškem, home of several, famous international alpine ski racers).


Manufactured first test snow gun named Krpan (1.5 kW compressor, 7 kW fan, 3 kW heating, 280 nozzles, 22 nucleators).

First orders were placed by Rogla, Mozirje, Velenje.


First series of 10 Krpan snow makers were produced with 4 kW Kaeser compressor, 11 kW fan, casted nozzle ring with 280 nozzles. This model was manufactured until 1998.


New Krpan model was manufactured with 15 kW fan motor. Automatization was made with Omron PLC. All together 223 pieces of Krpan were built for Interlaken, Arber, Semering, Hirschenkogel, Oberstdorf, Soellereck, Abetone, Stralleg, Sappada, Cerkno, Krvavec, Rogla, Kranjska Gora, Planica, and Korea.


Started cooperation with Snowstar with model VEGA (Krpan snow gun with new exterior design and Snowstar electronics).

These snow makers were delivered to: Verbier, Vercorin, Erzurum, La Thuile, Harghita, Pinzolo, Wildschoenau, High 1 – Korea, Krvavec, Cerkno, Rogla, La Plose, Tux, Pitztal.


After producing more than 1,000 snow makers we started redefining snowmaking with a new generation of snow makers which was tested that same winter.

Company developed patented nucleation system with very good results (a 1°C faster start than any other snow gun, extra long throw range, insensitive to water pressure).

This snowgun was made based on 20 years of experience and 20 years after the first real breakthrough in performance propeller snow makers.

It stands out due to its technical characteristics with this new integrated technology it brings the following advantages over the competition:

  • the actual start at -1.8°C!
  • a record low specific energy consumption
  • long throw range
  • quality snow with fully frozen crystals
  • precise control of water without water pressure regulation
  • by far the lowest weight compared to competitors
  • control-cloud, which significantly simplifies and reduces costs of the remote management system.


First test made in Lech. Produced snow at -1.8 °Wb with 60 l/min water flow.


First snow makers manufactured and sold under new brand SHERPA. (SHERPA tested in Lech with unbeatable results: -2 °Wb at 150 l/min water flow with excellent snow quality and 0.9 °C Wb at 60 l/min with excellent snow quality)


Manufactured first normal production line of snow makers. Based on the testing in Lech they immediately purchased 5 snow makers. Other customers: Osttirol tourismus, Petzen, Rogla, Soriška Planina, Hlíðarfjall Akureyri (Iceland), Koenigsleiten, Czech Republic


The beginning of the revolution began, with development of a new snowmaker, to achieve the
maximum efficient snowmaking with the best snow quality.


With gaining many new customers in the past years with a snowmaker that redifined snowmaking, a new model was being developed. Unbeatable snowmaking results in Lech. The first results were extraordinary, with reaching maximmum efficiency with 1kWh per cubic meter of snow of best quality in marginal and ideal conditions.


Revealing of the new SHERPA NPA model.