The Sherpa NPA met all our expectations during a test.
Photo: Michael Koch (Sonnenlifte Obertauern GmbH)
OBERTAUERN client statement
Starting temperature is at -1.8ºC Wb, stop at -1.0ºC Wb
Minimum power consumption per m³/snow
Excellent throw range

Sherpa NPA Snowmaking system – Highlights

1. Unbeatable in marginal conditions.
2. Cloud based communication.
3. Snowmaking down to - 1.0°C WB.
4. Consistant water control without regulation of pressure on the hydrant.
5. Excellent energy efficiency allready at start.
6. Energy consuption from 1kWh per m3 snow.
7. Siemens industrial PLC.
8. Teflon coated propeller.
9. Weight less then 560 kg with 20 m of cable.
10. Easy maintenance.